Examples of Predator Abuses

“Legal” Coyote Hunting: The Inhumane Practice of Baiting and Killing Coyotes For Fun

Coyotes mate for life and both parents raise the pups together. The “hunters” use an electronic call that mimics a distressed pup. When the female comes out to investigate the “hunter” shoots her in a non lethal way so she makes a lot of noise, crying. This brings the larger male and or pups out. Coyotes are loyal and won’t leave one another. Note the heartbreaking video of the male returning time and again to help his partner. When the coyotes are out in the open, the “hunter” sets his dogs loose and kills the injured coyote and her mate and or pups. Often the dogs attack or tear apart the dying coyotes.

To learn about the widespread abuse of predators please visit:

This Face Book page was created as a repository for images that depict violence against wild predators to illustrate that reform is necessary. The posts contain examples of specific abuse incidents, announcements of predator killing contests and of actions that can be taken to help predators. To visit the album pages that contain the repository of abuse images go to the Photo/Video icon on the Timeline page, and then to Albums. The images are collected by incident or abuser. Please be advised there are graphic images here. It is our belief that the images should not be considered offensive but the actions against the wild animals themselves are offensive. https://www.facebook.com/protectcoyotes